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About us

About our group

The purpose of the dance group Xochiquetzal is to show part of the Mexican culture. This through folk dances, but also through costumes and plays about Mexican traditions.
For us it is a pride to be able to convey the joy, the colorful and the cultural richness that identify us as Mexicans that we are and that are part of our country, Mexico.
Our Mexican dance group was founded as a foundation in 2005 with enthusiastic Mexican dancers living in the Netherlands. Other Latin Americans interested in Mexican folklore have joined our dance group. The repertoire is gradually expanded, with the help of dance teachers from Mexico, among others.
In the news, our group has edited 57 dance pieces from 18 different States of Mexico. We have written and edited 3 Christmas pieces (Pastorelas). and a small play about the commemoration of the dead written and edited. In our plays you will see a mixture of drama, dance music and song together. This in Mexican steel where our Mexican traditions can be experienced again.
Currently our dance group has 50 dancers of different levels.
Every year we have tens of performances, although in the Netherlands as Belgium, France and Germany. This in events such as (Multi)cultural events, parades, specific celebrations at private homes, retirement homes, Mexican events (such as the celebration of the independence of Mexico, organized by the Embassy of Mexico).
We perform in places such as theaters, museums, restaurants, but also on the street.

About Xochiquetzal

xochiquetzal codex rios
Xochiquetzal according to Codice Rios

Xochiquetzal is the Aztec goddess of flowers, beauty, love, fine arts and dance. It is called “precious flower”. Her name comes from “Xochitl” (Flower) and “Quetzal” (Feather).
She is always young and beautiful, with hair cut over her forehead. On the back the hair is decorated with flowers and gold, and a flap for the nose of the same material; a red braided leather headband from which emerges the “omequetzalli” double plume of quetzal feathers. “Huipil” a kind of blouse and skirt in blue color with embroidered flowers in all colors decorated with feathers. In her hands she carries bunches of flowers. Also sometimes with clothes in red.
She is the twin sister of Xochipilli, the Aztec god of poets, musicians and dancers. 

Xochiquetzal  beeld aardewerk
Xochiquetzal pottery


Logo Foundation Xochiquetzal

Xochiquetzal logo (kort)

Xochiquetzal in her solar character, she is seen in his representation as a butterfly and his clothing, the “yacapapálotl”   (mariposa) or “teocuitlayacapapálotl” (mariposa de oro)


The Goddess Xochiquetzal sometimes wears a crown of Izquixochitl flowers (Bourreria huanita, perfumed flower) on her head.


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jalisco tricolor